So let's talk about the question we all ask at some point...why drink a protein drink?

And why drink Shakeology?

When I first started working out I was under the impression that protein drinks were just for beefy, muscle-bound men who grunted and yelled when they did their chest front of an admiring audience, I might add.

I'm not that muscle bound, and I don't do a lot of yelling or grunting while I workout.

So do I need a shake?

Well, over the years I have realized that the answer to that question is, yes.


Here's the deal:

If you want to get fit and healthy, one of the first things that you need to start doing is revamp your daily diet so that you are taking in between 5 and 6 small meals per day.  Yes, 5 or 6--so that means you're eating every 2 1/2 to 3 hours.  Although that does seem like a lot, your body will thank you for it once you get into the habit. Each meal should consist of a lean protein and a complex carb.  This will do a few good things for your body, including:

  • kick starting your metabolism
  • leveling out your blood sugars
  • preventing your body from going into starvation mode, which is counterproductive to success, as your body will store everything you take in and turn it into fat.
So, if you are following this regime, one of the BEST ways to get one of your meals in and ensure that your body is getting the nutrition it needs is to take a protein shake.

Let's face it, your body is a machine and if you want that machine to run at its optimum capacity, you have to put good fuel into it, which makes Shakeology a good choice. It's packed full of superfoods that will get you energized and feeling good, and all of its protein come from natural sources, so it is a good way to ensure that you are giving your body the nutrition it needs.  We live such a busy lifestyle that often it's hard to get all the fruit and veggies into our bodies that we need, and one serving of Shakeology is like hitting the salad bar 5 times!  That's insane!!

So here's what I've noticed about Shakeology....

I've tried all the protein shakes on the market.  You name it, I've drank it.  So when a shake like this comes along, it's gotta be pretty good to impress me.  This is my experience:

  • it really has helped curb my insane cravings for crappy food.  I am a total food-a-holic, and having a shake a day helps me control the chip and cookie demons.  I just don't desire it.  I think this is largely a  result of the fact that Shakeology is packed with such great nutrition that my body is getting what it needs (and was lacking before), so I don't crave the bad stuff any longer.
  • okay, I'll be blunt really helps in the..achem..'plumbing' department.  Fiber is a wonderful thing.  Yes, it helps with your daily 'constitutional', but it also helps lower cholesterol and keep you satisfied throughout the day. Fiber is my friend, and should be yours too.
  • I just find that I feel really good when I take Shakeology.  It gives me energy, and I feel gooood.  And it's funny, sometimes you don't know how crappy you feel until you start feeling good. My skin isn't that grey pasty color it used to be, I feel like doing things at night rather than laying on the couch stuffing my mouth full of chips. Life is good.
And I'll be honest here folks.  Yes, Shakology is a bit pricey.  I get that.  I am one cheap bugger, so I get it.  But here's the deal.  Not all protein shakes are created equally, and you need to pick one that has a good quality protein plus other nutrition in it. Cheaper versions are..well...cheaper. They don't necessarily give you a good source of protein or any added nutrition.  So why bother?

You can think of this as an expensive bag of powder, or you can think of it as groceries.  You get 30 meals in 1 bag, and that's pretty cheap.  You are also investing in your health and a better life. It's cheaper than drugs, and tastes better too.

You won't regret it.