Friday, 14 December 2012

Why You Don't Need to Be 'Sporty Spice'

Ok, I'll be the first to admit that I'm not really the "Sporty Spice" kinda girl.  I don't have long graceful arms and legs that seem to fly through the air as I gracefully sprint down the road, or perform push up jacks, or suicide jumps like I was born doing them.

I'm short, and slow, and that's okay. When I'm in the middle of a push up jack or an oblique push up I probably look more like a marshmallow trying to bend itself in half.  I do my best though and I succeed--not because I was gifted a genetically talented set of legs or arms, adept at running quickly, or playing different sports.  I succeed because of one very small and simple fact:

It's all in your head.


Years ago I ran a full marathon.  26.2 miles of sweat and pain and sheer grit.  There were many times I wanted to throw in the towel and hit the nearest Tim Horton's for an extra large double double and a cheese croissant.  However, what kept me going was not my body--it was my mind.  It refused to let my feet stop moving, even when it hurt like the blazes of hell.

In fact, a lot of runners out there will train by running the last few grueling miles of the course first.  They will find the route and practice running it time and time again--feeling strong.  That feeling of power and confidence gets etched in their mind and soul, and come race day--when they hit the last and toughest part of the run, the memory kicks in and their body has a much easier time finding that reserve of energy and strength because it's used to feeling strong when it runs that part of the route.

Cool eh!

Your mind plays an integral part in success--not only in the exercise department, but in life in general.  If you think you can't--well, you can't.  It's as simple as that.  But if you tell yourself that you're strong, and powerful, and really practice feeling that way--pretty  soon your body will start believing it.

So, when you're slugging through month 2 of Insanity, and really hating those moves, why not take a day and fast forward to the end when you're generally feeling pretty bagged out, and do those moves feeling strong and refreshed.  Focus on imagining yourself powering through them, and visualize your body getting stronger with each jump and each squat.  Tell yourself over and over again that you are powerful, you are strong, you are powerful, you are strong.  And then when you actually do the workout, maybe, just maybe your body will remember what you've told it, and you will be able to pump out a few more reps.

And while you're doing that workout, rather than looking at the tv or the DVD player, staring at the timer bar or the cast doing the moves, thinking about how tired you are and how much you want to quit--keep your eyes off the tv and go into your  own mental space where you can draw from your own reserve of power and energy.  Focus on yourself and how strong you are, not on the tv and how much time is left before you get a water break.

Yes, easier said than done, but this stuff takes practice.

You can do it, you know.  You don't have to have long graceful arms and legs.  You don't have to look good in spandex. (I sure don't!)  Focus on the power that you have deep within you, and then get in there and find it!  It is there!!

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