Monday, 28 January 2013

Why I am doing the Ultimate Reset

Here's a story.  It's a true one.  Names have not been changed to protect the people's about me.

I'm a big history fan, especially war history.  And so when the movie Saving Private Ryan came out in theaters I was especially excited.  I had waited for months to see this movie, and finally the night came.  It was a Sunday night and I was meeting some friends at the local theater for a great night out.  

Now since it was a Sunday night, I decided in the afternoon that I'd make the day especially fun and cook myself a nice dinner beforehand.  Yes, you guessed it, chicken nuggets, covered with a certain name brand batter and baked in the oven.  Cajun flavored.  

So, let's fast forward a few hours.  My friends and I met at the theater and found great seats right in the middle.  Life was good.  The lights dimmed.  The show began.  I looked around to see the little country theater packed--every seat was filled.  This was going to be fun. Within minutes the room was filled with the noise of bombs going off and the rat a tat tat of the machine guns.  Battle was everywhere as bodies were being flung from one side of the scene to the next.  It was great!!

And as I settled in for 2 hours of battle glory I noticed a faint rumbling within. The potatoes were fighting for room with the chicken nuggets, and it was quickly becoming a full on battle.

I'll cut to the chase.  It was dark.  The move theater was packed.  And I very quickly realized....I was going to shit my pants. 

Not good.  

For some reason the spicy chicken nuggets really didn't like me and they were rebelling in the worst way.  I sat there, panic stricken wondering what the heck I was going to do!  Crawling over top everyone to head to the bathroom was an impossibility, even if I did want to try and squeeze out a good fart in the sardine-can sized washroom at the back of the room.  

So, I did what I do best.  


I sat and clenched those butt cheeks together as hard as I could and I prayed to God to keep things from erupting into a full on foul-smelling disaster.  I clenched like I had never clenched before. I tried to focus on the story, secretly fearing that my worst nightmare would come true and I'd let slip a thunder boomer loud enough to rattle the windows and make small children wail.  

It was agony.

So, why am I sharing this story with you?  Well, it was a good lesson and reminder of how profoundly food can impact our bodies, and our lives.  Certain foods can truly play havoc with our systems, and therefore it is imperative to learn what foods to embrace, and which ones to the plague.

Because, let's face it, nothing is worse than shitting your pants in a movie theater.

And here I sit, several years later, having come to terms with the fact that my body just does not like certain food.  It has become a gassy and bloated mess, to the point where I am eager to rid myself of the sludge that it surely is carry from years of weekend pizza and processed food.

I am ready to come clean, get clean, eat clean and live clean.

I am ready for The Ultimate Reset.

And what exactly is The Ultimate Reset, you ask?  Well, it's a 21 day program designed to cleanse your body of all the toxins and garbage it's been collecting for the last 20 years.

It has helped people lose weight, anywhere from 10 lbs to 20 lbs (some have even lost more.)

It has helped people lower their cholesterol and blood pressure too.

And, it has helped people become more at peace within, more emotionally content, and happy too.

And those, my friends, are some reasons why I am going to do the Ultimate Reset.

I am ready to lose that stubborn last 10 lbs that just doesn't seem to want to go.  That pooch in my midsection that is holding on for dear life regardless of how much exercise I seem to do. That lump of wrinkled up dough that flaps its ugly head around, leering at me as I do push ups and struggle to see past it to my toes.

I am ready to take control over my body and health again. I want to do a system overhaul so my body is a lean mean living machine for years and years to come. 

I am ready to feel not just good, but GREAT!  I want to feel clean, and energized and just plain healthy.

I am ready for my clothes to fit better. And yes, I am ready to look smoking hot in a bikini.

I am pulling out all the stops!  I have ordered my kit and I am enjoying my last chocolate bar knowing that tomorrow is a new day. Tomorrow is the day that I take back control over my weight and my life. 

Tomorrow is the day that I begin the transformation!!  And I am excited.. 

And what exactly does The Ultimate Reset entail?

Well, in a nutshell, it's pretty simple.  You are given a 21 day meal plan that is quite specific, along with an assortment of supplements that are designed to cleanse your body of the toxins and restore your body to a healthy state. 

It essentially works in 3 phases:

1) Balance Body Chemistry
2) Remove Toxins and Reset Digestion
3) Rejuvenate Your Health

I am excited.  It's like giving your body an oil change, so you come out of the shop with clean pipes and a shiny new exterior.  You get to lose some junk in the trunk and get your engine fired up as well.  What could be better!!

So, I will be blogging about my 21 day journey from this day forth.  I have just ordered my kit, but I will be taking some time to talk more about why this is important to me, and various issues that come up along the way.

I would also like to invite you to do this challenge with me!  Nothing beats getting fit and healthy with a supportive group of people!

Join my team today for FREE coaching and support and work with me for 21 days to complete the Ultimate Reset Program and get healthy again!!
I have set up a closed Facebook group where we can meet daily to go on this journey together and benefit from the support of the team as we get healthier each day.
How to Join Zarno's Ultimate Reset Challenge:
Step 1) Click below to join my team for free coaching support. It is important to do this step first.
Sign me up for FREE membership
If this link does not work, go to and select JOIN to join my team for free coaching and support.
You may be directed to the Team Beachbody main site.  If so, click on SHOP and select ULTIMATE RESET.  You will then be able to select the kit you like.
If you have trouble with this, feel free to use the contact form on this page to contact me.
And remember, YOU CAN DO IT!!!

And to close, I cannot watch a war movie without getting cramps.  It's just one of those things. 

Ciao, my friends.


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